Venom 00013

The Venom is Sunspots answer for the guys that want a brighter red, brighter walking light and do not have a need for a second color. It includes the brightest green laser that can be installed in a coon hunting light and with all that is still light weight and perfectly balanced. All of the functions except the laser are operated on one switch, so there isn't a need for multiple switches

Burn times are:

High 4 hours
Low 145 hours
Flooded walking light and the color are 15 high, 100 hours on low.
Switch on the head
Interchangeable from Hard cap to soft cap

Sunspot Venom $325 + $15 USPS Priority Mail

Lifetime Warranty. After 2 years send $10 for return shipping. Chargers have a 2 year warranty.

30 day money back if returned in the shape that it was shipped to you in.

$325 In stock